Our Mission:

We will use the power and potential of sport & physical activity to enable future generations to have healthier more prosperous lives


What we do


The benefits of sport and physical activity

How physical activity can contribute to wider social outcomes


Relationships & align priorities to
Maximise efficiencies






We aim to

Use physical activity to engage with those with complex lives

Keeping people living well

Develop and support effective systems & places


We will achieve this by



With our mission in mind, we advocate the benefits of physical activity & how physical activity can impact positively upon wider social outcomes. Contact us to learn more info@cswsport.org

Building Community Capacity & Resilience

We take an Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) approach to building community capacity. We will recognise and build upon potential.

We will develop & manage projects and programmes

We will work with partners to identify the local assets and support the development of sustainable thriving communities

Physical activity and health will be prevalent within the community

We will work with partners and people to support communities to become confident and resilient

Equality & Inclusion

Based on insight and where the inequalities are causing a barrier or negatively impacting upon peoples lives we are committed to using sport & physical activity positively with the following groups;

  • Ageing Population

  • Areas of Deprivation

  • Young People

  • Mental Health 

  • Women & Girls 

Confident, Capable, Inspirational People

Identify, develop and enable local coaches and volunteers with the right skills, competencies and behaviours to engage the inactive population.

Influence and support the professional workforce within ‘traditional and non-traditional partners’ to advocate the benefits of how sport & physical activity can contribute to addressing local priorities and developing an understanding about how this could be achieved.

Support Clubs to be safe, sustainable and  welcoming so that they are able to meet the needs of their community and contribute towards the wellbeing of local residents

Maximise Investment

Maximise opportunities from CSW Sport funded programmes.

Creatively seek out additional resources that could have a positive collaborative impact.